Help With Addiction

Below you will find various links and resources for getting help with addiction problems. 


These are all organizations and programs which I stand behind 100%. There are far too many predatory type organizations who claim to help people struggling with addiction, when in fact they are only in it to make money off of the insurance that people have. 

You can rest assured that the organizations in this list have your best interest in mind, rather than seeing a person with an addiction as just another number or cash cow.

Many of these organizations have financial aid available, and often accept most types of insurance. Not all of these organizations actually treat addiction, some of them are more like online support groups. But the majority of them do offer some sort of treatment options. 


    With locations in Ann Arbor Michigan and Walnut Creek, California, Workit Health is a licensed opiate addiction treatment program that
    takes 1-2 hours per week, for $25/week with most insurance. Workit Health specializes in treating people who cannot afford to take a bunch of time off of work to detox or go into in patient rehab. This sets them apart from most treatment centers. For more information call  855-659-7734 Or visit their website at the link above.


  • Mindful Hope is a blog type of website run by Daniel Snyder where he writes hopeful articles that inspire & provoke thought. Creatively approaching issues around addiction by looking at evidence based recovery methods, spirituality, mindfulness, compassion, neuroscience & so much more.Reducing stigma & changing North American drug policies.


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