About The Show

Addictions is a weekly podcast about addictions of all sorts. We try to release a new episode every weekend, and sometimes in between as well. As a recovering addict myself I wanted to create this podcast in an effort to not only be a support tool for those struggling with addiction, but to also quell some of the misinformation and negative stigma surrounding the subject. Check out our Facebook page for important updates about the show.

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I have been there before. Throughout my nearly 7 years addicted to opioid pain killers, I learned a lot about addiction, withdrawal, physical and mental dependence, relapse, and all kinds of information regarding drugs of the opioid family. The road to recovery from addiction is fraught with all sorts of obstacles. The addict needs every tool available to them in order to increase their chances of success. I am hoping that this podcast will only add to that toolbox.

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