Special Episode!

I recorded a very special episode with friend of the show and everyone’s favorite meditation guy, Rocky Piercy. This is not an official episode, so it will not be available on the podcast RSS feed in iTunes or any of the other podcast directories. The only place to hear it is right here. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Meditation is very useful in a variety of situations, it can be used to relieve stress and has even been shown to reduce blood pressure. This makes sense though, as engaging in meditation calms the mind and body, thus relieving stress, which can greatly contribute to high blood pressure.

Throughout my recovery from addiction I would often meditate to keep my head in the game and to help alleviate some of the symptoms like the depression and anxiety that go hand in hand with coming off of opioids. And this isn’t some sort of magical spell or supernatural behavior, meditation is simple, and science based when you really boil it down.

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