A much needed update….

Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since I posted. I was very busy for the past two months, between putting out new episodes of The Addictions Podcast and working seven days a week on the potato farm, I really did not have enough time to stop and think. But now the potato harvest is done, and I will have much more free time to produce even more excellent content for all of the fans of the podcast.


In the coming weeks and months, I plan to put out more videos on YouTube that I will be sharing here on our videos page, which you can access on the top menu bar of this website. So stay tuned for that as well.

Updates To The Website

I am also planning on making some slight changes to The Addictions Podcast Website as well. These will mostly be minor changes, new links to better resources for people who need help with their addictions. I am also planning on setting up a better section for show notes for each episode of the podcast.

So a lot of big stuff coming up soon, stay tuned, and Never Quit Quitting!

Be sure to check back often for updates, and I try to release a brand new episode of The Addictions Podcast every Monday. Thank you all so much for listening to the show and thus supporting me. Together, we can change the world!

-David Wagner

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