Progress Update

So far so good with the Addictions Podcast. It is going well. In fact it is going much better than I ever thought it would. I am currently averaging around 50 to 120 plays a day, from not just all over the US, but all over the planet.

People are listening in Greece, Australia, The UK, Venezuela, South Africa, and many other places. It is truly amazing to see the stats and realize that people are starting to get hooked…. Sorry for the pun.


The past two weeks of the Addictions Podcast ups and downs.

When I first started the podcast, I had no idea what creating a podcast entails. I had no idea the rich community of fellow podcasters which would welcome me with open arms. Everyone has been just so supportive of my effort which is just fantastic! Be sure to listen to the show and subscribe and leave me a review if you listen to the Addictions Podcast on iTunes. Thank you all so very much!


iTunes Screenshot

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