Contemplating becoming an Author

So, with the plethora of absolutely insane experiences I have been a part of through my 5 year addiction to opioids pain killers, I have been thinking more and more about putting the entire story into a book format, available probably only as an ebook on Amazon. I am thinking of pricing it at only .99¢ The information in the book will be mainly geared to provide support for those struggling with addiction.

I want to sell the book as cheap as possible while still making enough to cover my overhead. I just feel that it should be available to as many as possible, and a low price might just help with that.

The book would consit of stories of not only my personal battle with addiction, but many others as well. I will also devout a chapter or two about recovery and strategies to help aid in recovery.

What do you all think?

I encourage you all to check out my weekly podcast. You can listen to my podcast here

-Thank You All,

-David Wagner

Addictions Podcast

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