Upgrades Are Here!!

I’ve been doing some research, and while my podcast studio is pretty decent, I have been simply using typical xlr studio style microphones, like the Shure SM57, which is a phenomenal microphone, don’t get me wrong. The problem is that my interface does not have all that great of a pre-amp. So I really have to push the fader volume levels to get  a loud enough sound for recording. I typically record bands, and music where a dedicated preamp is built right into our 1600 watt powered mixer. At my podcast studio, alas I have no preamp

IMG_1674Easy solution! I picked up the Blue Snowball Ice usb microphone. I am still able to use my audio interface to monitor my sound, and the Snowball has a great volume and preamp built in. I can stand halfway across the room and in my normal speaking voice still come through loud and clear.

I was skeptical at first of USB microphones, but this thing is fabulous. Excellent audio quality, cant wait to record an episode with this mic. I will probably break schedule and release a new episode early, just so I can play around with this awesome microphone. Coming in with a price tag of $50.00 USD, it was a steal. Totally.

I highly recommend this microphone for anyone doing spoken word recording, or even acoustic music recording. Another bonus, is that this thing is built like a tank. It is heavy. It comes with a desktop stand, but can be attached to any microphone stand as well.  Stay tuned to the episodes page for an upcoming episode. I imagine this is going to be my go to microphone from here on out.


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